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Our Mission and Purpose

The T.J. Community Mission Foundation mission is to help engage our community more fully in exceptional specialized healthcare programs, patient care and technology.

The spirit of generosity continues

In the 1920s, our community rallied around a collective spirit of giving to establish what is now T.J. Samson Community Hospital—with a two-to-one fund-matching incentive from the Commonwealth Fund of New York, this teamwork and generosity built a rural hospital that has improved the lives of so many. It was then, that the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and this local community raised $65,000—$25,000 of which was given by T.J. Samson—to match the Fund's gift of $130,000. Construction for the hospital began in 1928, and the T.J. Samson Community Hospital opened its doors to patients in 1929.


Established in 2014, the T.J. Community Mission Foundation exists to support the mission of T.J. Regional Health. The Foundation supports capital projects, community engagement programs and other projects that aid in accomplishing T.J. Regional Health’s goal of improving the health of the residents of southcentral Kentucky. By creating partnerships with employees, business leaders, social groups and families, together, we will further advance excellence in healthcare to those we serve in this region.

To learn more about how to become involved in the work of the Foundation, visit or contact Randy Burns at 270.651.4619.