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Mission, Vision and Values

We operate within our mission by offering a variety of health services to the region, including acute care; preventive testing and treatment; community outreach activities; and partnerships with local healthcare providers, civic organizations and public schools.


T.J. Regional Health will promote and provide for the health and wellness of the communities we serve and the healthcare professionals who serve them.


T.J. Regional Health will utilize available resources to anticipate and exceed the healthcare needs of the region with a focus on quality and compassion.

Core Values

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Responsive
  • Vision
  • Innovation
  • Compassion
  • Ethics

The T.J. Pledge

  • I will show COMPASSION
  • I will COOPERATE with others
  • I will COLLABORATE with others
  • I will Adapt To CHANGE
  • I will be a CHAMPION