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Code of Conduct

T.J. Regional Health intends to maintain a patient care and business environment that is compliant with legal and regulatory requirements and that operates according to the highest professional and ethical standards. We require members of the hospital’s workforce, to hold this same high standard as they care for patients and conduct their work activities at or for the hospital.

Our Code of Conduct sets out standards that have been adopted by the hospital board of directors and officers or that are established by laws and regulations that apply to the hospital. It has been designed to assure that every workforce member will be aware of what is expected of them when they do their work.

Many of the requirements summarized in the Code of Conduct are addressed more fully in the hospitals’ policies, or in training and materials made available by the TJRH compliance program. The standards discussed in the Code of Conduct apply to all of the hospitals’ workforce members, including the hospitals’ leaders, employees, medical staff members, credentialed practitioners, contracted service providers, volunteers and others who work at or for the hospital.