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Healthcare Heroes Messages

Thankful for all you do. Praying for God to give you strength & endurance to do your jobs.

It is so hard having a family member in the hospital and not being able to see or communicate with them, thank you so so much for the patience and time you give every time I have called to check in. Every single person no matter who I have talked to or the times I have called has been nothing but amazing. Thank you, you truly are heroes!

Thank you and God bless you for all your dedication! I shutter to think about the shape we would be in without your service.

Thanks to all of our healthcare heroes, including those who are more in the background but enable the direct healthcare professionals to do what they do.

Thanks for all the nurses and employees at Columbia for what they do . IT Takes everyone to run a HOSPITAL. PRAYERS FOR ALL.

Thank you all for your selfless dedication- you are awesome and just think where we would be without you!

I’m proud our TJ Team. The Nurses and others who are right there in the middle of all of this pain and suffering are top notch! They absolutely deserve much recognition and appreciation for what they do for our patients.

Thank you to all those nurses that took care of my daddy and whoever the nurse was that they was there when my dad passed away. I know you could only do so much and thank you for being there especially Jane she was just a wonderful nurse and very generous and kind to me all my family. I didn't want my dad to be alone and I know someone was there at the time of his death. God only knows. God was there the whole time and continue to pray for all the nurses as they go through all of this and be safe. Thank you for everything.

Thank you so much for your hard work, I was there a few days ago and I saw how bad things really are ,so many sick people ,so many emergencies, no rooms to to put people in ,frustrated people and we were still greeted and treated with kindness ,May God bless each and everyone of you during this crisis and thank you so much!

Thanks to each of you for the awesome job you are doing during this very trying time. Praying that God will keep all of you safe and give you extra strength and courage as you care for your patients!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I worked at TJ, in registration, until 4+ back surgeries prevented me from continuing that journey with y’all. I know that your compassion, and the love in your hearts, is what keeps you going. I love each and everyone of you and only wish that I was able to be there to help in some small way. Prayers that God will continue to bless you with strength and motivation to continue to care for the very ill patients and fight this terrible pandemic. Hugs to each of you.

I was a covid patient there back in November and December, I was blessed to have such a caring staff to take care of me. I want to thank each of you for all you did for me, I feel blessed to have had such a caring and compassionate group of caregivers!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!! You are truly HEROES!!!

Thank you all, from housekeeping to dietary, maintenance, nursing, doctors, respiratory and everyone in between! I sincerely thank you. Your tireless efforts do not go unappreciated!

I just want to thank you All for EVERYTHING you do for EVERY patient. May God bless each and everyone of you.

I’m a nurse at TJ home health but recently I was a patient on the Covid unit. I was very sick! You all took great care of me and I want to say Thank you so much!” You all are awesome! I know you’re tired but what you do means so much! You all are my hero’s!

Thank you all for everything that you do in order to provide excellent care to your patients! I know times are hard and you are tired but always remember the reason why you stepped into the healthcare field and know that with Christ, you can do all things! May the good Lord continue to be with you all as you do His work!

Thank you to all the cleaners of the hospital!!!

You all amaze me with your dedication and courage in unimaginable circumstances.. Thank you for your grace, dedication and diligence under extraordinary duress.

Bless each and every one of you especially during these difficult times. I know you are tired and working extra hours. Please know you are appreciated more than you know! God bless you!!!!!

Thank you for your continued service to keep our community safe and healthy!

Thank you all, from housekeeping to dietary, maintenance, nursing, doctors, respiratory and everyone in between! I sincerely thank you. Your tireless efforts do not go unappreciated!

To you, who are your pouring heart, mind and soul into caring for the sick and injured in our community, please know how deeply grateful we are. You are prayed for. Your are appreciated. And please know that many of us are doing our best to help and not harm. To limit the spread of the virus. As a local minister, I pray for your physical health and your mental health as well. May you find comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in this fight, and are loved by God and by our community. Thank you!

Thank you for taking care of your patients. Never turning anyone away. I hope you realize what an impact you have made on Scottsville.

Thank you to all the T J medical professionals and support staff who are working so hard in this challenging time! You are appreciated and valued! May God bless you all!

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