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Physician Compliance

Annual Education for Providers

HIPAAA Training - Compliance

HIPAA Handbook - Medical Staff

201 KAR 9:260 Summary

HB1 Summary


Electronic System for Reporting Controlled Substances

EKasper Account

PAPR/CAPR Training

NIH Stroke Scale

Malignant Hyperthermia

Restraint & Seclusion Policy

Up to Date Brochure


Moderate Sedation


Disruptive Physician

Impaired Physician

FPPE/OPPE/Peer Review Policy

Antimicrobial Stewardship Competency-All Providers (Exam in Attestation)


Code of Conduct

Provider Confidentiality Agreement

T.J. Regional Health Rules and Regulations 2021

Sepsis 2021

Claims Denials

KASPER Integration Training

KASPER Integration Training Guide

Clinical Documentation Integrity

SOFA Score

Restraint Education

Guidelines for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Radiation Safety

Copy and Paste Policy

CMS 506

Physician Infection Prevention 2013

ER Provider Stroke Education

Inpatient Provider Stroke Education

Septic Shock Education 2023

Antibiograms 2021 - 2022 Education

Physician Admission 2023

Formulary Update 2023

Medical Staff Bylaws 2023

MIPS Document Provider and Nurse Workflow 2023

Suicide Prevention Education 2023

Medical Staff Organizational Chart