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Find the fire: Get motivated to take care of yourself at the Women’s Health and Wellness Conference

In a life of long to-do lists, protecting your health should be a priority.

Women often have more to do than there are hours in the day—work, cook, clean, pay bills, care for loved ones.

It can be hard to remember to fit yourself into your to-do list. But if you take care of yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically, you’ll have more energy and time to share with others—and you’ll feel better in both mind and body.

The 2011 Women’s Health and Wellness Conference is a great place to start.

Women of all ages are invited to join women’s health experts and an inspirational keynote speaker as they share insights about how to stay well and lead a balanced life.

A day for you

After a catered lunch, the event will kick off with a special address from keynote speaker Eva Self, who will offer an entertaining and inspirational guide to maintaining spiritual, emotional and physical balance in our lives. The presentation will be followed by a lively physician panel and sessions on key women’s health topics, including: 

  • Sleep.
  • Mental health.
  • Heart health.
  • Bone health.
  • Relationship enhancement.

The conference will also feature:

Interactive education. Bring your questions! This is a unique opportunity to get honest answers about confusing or complicated health issues—such as the latest herbal remedy or fad diet. You’ll learn about factors that affect your health and get helpful tips for healthful living.

Screenings and exhibits. Before and between the sessions, an exhibit hall will be in full swing. There, you can undergo some important health screenings such as:

  • Cholesterol.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Blood sugar.
  • Body mass index.
  • Bone density.

You’ll also find a variety of booths tailored just to women—with information on fitness and exercise, skin care and cosmetics, jewelry and apparel, cooking and diet, home care, and insurance and banking.

The conference is a good place to meet new people and connect with other women like you. It’s also a wonderful way to spend a day with colleagues, friends and family.

In a life of long to-do lists, protecting your health should be a priority. T.J. Samson Community Hospital’s Women’s Health and Wellness Conference will help you do just that—and help you find the balance and strength you need to creatively meet life’s challenges.
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