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Pump system reduces pain after surgery

Using the On-Q PainBuster system can help patients feel less pain, have increased mobility and use less narcotics.

If you are like most people facing surgery, you’re probably concerned about the pain afterward. Many people will delay having an operation because they are worried about a painful recovery. The Surgery department at T.J. Samson Community Hospital is offering an option to reduce the length of your stay and get you back on your feet faster. It’s called On-Q PainBuster®. 

On-Q is a postsurgical pain pump that delivers local anesthetic directly to the targeted area. The pump is filled with numbing medicine and attaches to tubes that are placed under the skin near the incision site by the anesthesiologist during surgery. This will help reduce the need for narcotics, which can have unwelcome side effects and slow the recovery time. The On-Q pain pump is currently used for patients who’ve had a knee replacement or shoulder surgery. 

The On-Q pain pump:
  • Works significantly better than narcotics alone.
  • Leads to a significant reduction in narcotic use.
  • Avoids side effects and complications of narcotics.
  • Leads to a faster recovery and return to normal.

“The difference I’ve seen is a major shift for the patient being admitted to the hospital,” says Muralidhar Santapuram, MD, anesthesiologist at T.J. Samson Community Hospital. “The patients who have shoulder surgery and used an On-Q pump now go home. Before, they often had uncontrolled pain and had to be admitted.”  Dr. Santapuram also went on to say “total knee patients report their pain is better controlled with the On-Q pump.”

“Patients who have had knee surgery without the pump and then had the surgery using the pump have reported significantly less pain, increased mobility and less narcotic usage,” says Leslie Bradshaw, RN, BSN, Director of Medical-Surgical Nursing. “All of which reduces the length of hospital stay.”

For more information on the On-Q PainBuster®, please call Blenda Chapman, RN, in the Surgery department at T.J. Samson Community Hospital at 270-651-4441.
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