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Welcome to T.J. Regional Health! We are so excited that you have decided to become a part of our amazing team and family. This New Employee Orientation webpage provides you with links to useful information for new team members. The first link below will open a guide of important material for you to review. It provides details on many of the topics that we will cover during orientation. After you review this guide, please open and complete the Scavenger Hunt using all of the resources on this page.

You are not required to read and remember everything in this guide. However, if you are able to review the content and complete the Scavenger Hunt, then your orientation day will be much more interactive. Also, if you bring in your completed Scavenger Hunt on your first day of orientation, you will be entered to win a prize!

We are excited to meet each of you, and again, we welcome you to our T.J. family!

T.J. Education Department

Welcome to the T.J. family from our CEO, Neil Thornbury!

Helpful Links

Orientation Information Booklet

Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Code of Conduct

Parking Policy

Attendance Policy

Dress Code Policy

Employee Benefits - Full Time

Employee Benefits - Part Time