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Media & Marketing

The T.J. Regional Health Marketing department oversees all media, marketing, advertising, social media, sponsorship, and public relations activities for all organizational locations and entities including but not limited to:

  • T.J. Samson Community Hospital
  • T.J. Health Columbia
  • T.J. Health Pavilion
  • T.J. Urgent Care
  • T.J. Telehealth
  • T.J. Clinics in our multi-county service area
  • Shanti Niketan Hospice Home
  • R+ Med Spa

Branding and Logo Usage

Please refer to the Branding Guide for details about appropriate logo usage, colors, preferred fonts, and additional details related to using the T.J. family of brands.

To request use of any T.J. Regional Health logo, please contact If your request to use the logo is approved, you will agree to use the image files provided by the organization only for the purpose requested. The images may not be changed, altered, or distorted.

Media Center

We strive to be a good resource and partner for local, state, and national media. Interview and general media inquiries are welcome, and we make every effort to accommodate requests in a timely manner.
Members of the media must always be escorted by a member of our team when at any T.J. Regional Health location. Advance notice must be given by contacting the EVP of Marketing, Planning & Development. Unauthorized filming, recording, or interviews is not permitted at any T.J. Regional Health facility.

Patient Privacy

The care and privacy of our patients is of the highest importance to T.J. Regional Health. We strictly adhere to all regulations and standards governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regarding the use and release of a patient's protected health information (PHI). More information about HIPAA and PHI are available on the Health and Human Services website.

Sponsorships & Charitable Giving

T.J. Regional Health is committed to giving back to our communities in a variety of ways. Ensuring the health and wellness of the people we serve goes beyond providing exceptional healthcare services. We work closely with many other organizations by serving at our local soup kitchens, sponsorship of local farmer's markets, supporting area food pantries, sponsoring youth sports organizations, and by being actively involved in our local school systems, community theater, and more.

Sponsorship Requests must be made online. Any questions should be directed to Please submit sponsorship requests at least one month in advance of your event.

Every request will be reviewed and considered, but because of the large volume of requests we receive, only those that meet our sponsorship or donation criteria will be granted.

Social Media

Visit T.J. Regional Health on: