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Financial Assistance

Thank you for selecting T. J. Regional Health for your healthcare services. As part of our mission and commitment to the community, T. J. Regional Health provides millions of dollars in financial assistance each year to patients who qualify.

Eligibility requirements:

In order to be eligible for financial assistance for medically necessary health care services, the patient must qualify for assistance under T.J. Regional Health's Charity and Financial Assistance Policy. The Federal Poverty Guidelines will be used as the basis for determining whether a person or family is Medically Eligible.

The necessity for medical treatment of any patient will be based on the clinical judgment of the healthcare provider without regard to the financial status of the patient. All patients will be treated for emergency Medical conditions regardless of ability to pay or to qualify for financial assistance, in accordance with federal and state law.

How to apply for financial assistance:

The Financial Assistance Policy and the Financial Assistance Application can be obtained through these sources:

  • In person at any of our Registration or Financial Counseling Departments
  • Over the phone at 270.659.5875
  • Online
  • By Mail: T.J. Regional Health
    Attn: Financial Assistance
    1301 N. Race Street
    Glasgow, KY 42141

The application process:

During the application process you will be asked to provide information regarding the number of people in your family, your monthly income, and other information that will assist the hospital with determining your eligibility for Financial Assistance. You may be asked to provide a pay stub, bank statement, or tax records to assist us with verifying your income. The patient's situation will be evaluated according to relevant circumstances, such as income, assets, or other resources available to the patient or patient's family and the outstanding balance.

After submitting the application, the hospital will review the information and notify the patient in writing regarding your eligibility.

If you have any questions, during the application process, please contact the Financial Counseling Department at 270.659.5875.