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Current patient and visitor guidelines

The safety of our patients, team members, and community is our highest priority. Please do not come to visit someone in the hospital if you are sick or if anyone in your household is sick.


Masks are required at T.J. Samson Community Hospital and T.J. Health Columbia.

Visiting Hours for Non-COVID and COVID patients: 7am – 9pm

  • After 9pm visitors will enter through the Emergency Department only
  • Visitors should stay in the patient’s room unless asked to step out by staff
  • Maximum of 2 visitors at a time
  • The length of the visit will not be limited during visiting hours
  • Labor & Delivery visitation is the same as listed above

Overnight Visitors:

  • 1 overnight visitor allowed in most areas
  • 2 overnight visitors allowed for Peds (others may be allowed 2 visitors with House Supervisor approval)
  • Overnight visitors must be in the patient room by 9pm and will not be allowed re-entry (until 7am) if they leave

Masking and PPE:

  • All visitors must continue to wear a mask for the duration of their visit
  • Visitors with COVID patients must wear PPE provided by the hospital and kept in door caddies (gloves and a gown, and a standard mask will be permitted with face shield)
  • We will not require chaperones for COVID visits

Exceptions to the above:

  • ICU visitation hours are 8AM to 5PM. Night visitation is from 8PM to 10PM.
  • SNU visitation remains unrestricted, but COVID protocols are in place.
  • Pavilion visitation is unrestricted (except Urgent Care – 2 visitors at a time)
  • Up to 8 individuals may be allowed with a patient who is end of life at the discretion of the House Supervisor

The visitor policy is subject to change to ensure the safety of all of our patients, visitors, staff, and providers.

Visitors who want to contact patients in the hospital may do so by phone, FaceTime or other electronic means. Please call 270.651.4444 to be connected to the patient's room.