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Dermatology Clinic

The demand for Dermatology services in Southcentral Kentucky far outweighs the number of providers, with patients often waiting months to get an appointment. Dr. Allred and T.J. Regional Health have an overlapping and shared philosophy to prioritize patients first, making this expansion the perfect fit for the community.

Dr. Allred stated, “Patients having to wait three or four months for an appointment is just unacceptable to me. We use the latest scheduling technology to ensure that patients can get in to see us in a timely manner.”

Even the practice name, Access Dermatology, reflects that sentiment. “We chose that name on purpose,” he said. “It is actually part of our name that we are accessible.”

The community response to the new Dermatology Clinic has been exceptional. In its first six weeks, the clinic has already outperformed expectations, prompting them to expand from two days per week to three days per week. This additional day opens up even more appointment times for patients.

Neil Thornbury, CEO of T.J. Regional Health, said, “We are unique in our health system. We either know every patient or we know a family member of the patient. That’s just how it is in an intimate, tight-knit community. Dr. Allred shares the same philosophy as T.J., which is to treat every patient like a family member or friend.”

Those with a personal or family history of skin cancer, or patients who have areas of concern, are encouraged to contact the Dermatology Clinic. There are multiple types of skin cancer, and if there is an issue, time is of the essence.

“If you have a skin condition or if you see a spot that you’re concerned about, let us check it out,” Dr. Allred said. “Our goal is to get people back to being healthy.”

The clinic provides diagnosis, treatment, and management of skin, hair, and nail issues, including skin biopsies, prescription medications, laser therapy and other dermatological procedures.

Our office hours are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and appointments can be made by calling 270.629.DERM (3376).